Night Tracking

I do a lot of night tracking. It is a great time to track since we are able to control the lighting.
By attaching a flashlight to the bottom of a hiking pole, we can cast great low angle light on the track.

Tracking with a headlamp on your head is even harder than noon tracking.
with headlamp on head ... with low angle light ...

Tracking Lights

Important features when choosing a tracking light:
If you are not using an LED light, it's time. LED lights are better in EVERY way.
Some will complain about blue-white light. That just means they have not tried the new generation of LEDs.
Below our my favorite tracking lights.


Coast LED

Fenix P1D

SureFire G3 LED

Tracking Sticks

A tracking stick is very important for finding the next track.
Mark track length and stride Tracking stick will focus your search for the next track

A ruler on the hiking pole can be useful.

Tracking Photos

This is actually from one of our searches last year. We tracked the subject all night down the "shortcut" and were able to take a photo of his actual boot.
Boot Print Boot

Another search last year. Again we get to match the track and actual boot.
Boot Print Boot

Tracking a subject into a lake for a bath

Track traps


Sometimes the trail is easy to follow... Sometimes they even leave a name...


Tracking Resources

Last Update: 10/8/2009